America At Its Best 4-Pack DVD

United Learning

SKU: DC024308
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 60
Copyright: 2003

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  • America At Its Best: America: A Land of Many People - This program explores the many peoples that make up America today and stresses the value of that diversity. Also explored are the ways in which diversity can be challenging to a country. What makes a person an American, when the country is so different in many ways? Americans hold in common certain values and beliefs, such as freedom of religion and freedom of speech. These are held forth in the Bill of Rights, an important document that supports the freedoms of Americans. This program teaches why it is so important to have diversity in America.
  • America at Its Best: The American Government  - This program begins with an introduction of how America began - Columbus's voyage to the New World, the establishment of the 13 colonies, and the colonies' struggle for independence - and then focuses on the make up of the American government. Our government has guides and rules such as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that protect Americans' freedoms and rights.
  • America At Its Best: We All Contribute and Make a Difference - This program illustrates the many ways we all contribute: to our schools, our families, and our communities. It shows children how we each play an important part in the lives of those around us and how we each make a difference with everything we do. The importance of participating, volunteering, and leadership are all shown to children in ways they can understand. This program is about the role that each of us plays as a member of our community and country.
  • America at Its Best: What It Means to Be an American Citizen - Find out the many ways we can all contribute to our schools, our families, and our communities.