American Dream Contest: Remembering the Past DVD

AIMS Multimedia

SKU: DC024133
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 23
Copyright: 1994

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A program of short films written by students that bring playful, dramatic, moving, and very personal viewpoints to our collective American Dream. Their patriotic look at our past achievements and struggles includes: "The Declaration Of IndePENdence" in which an animated quill pen shares the inside story of the signing of the Declaration of Independence; "The Forgotten Game" recalls a patriotic moment when a high school basketball game is forgotten, and a country remembered; and "The Dream Come True" tells of a Vietnamese teenager's struggle to survive and her eventual immigration to a new life in America. Through the "Star Spangled Banner", an American teenager living in England learns the true meaning of the 4th of July. In "Beyond the James", a teenager from today time-travels in colonial Jamestown, where an encounter with her ancestoral counterpart proves inspirational for them both. Viewers get an uplifting look at some good things about our country that we sometimes take for granted. An inventive, hands-on media adjunct for American history, citizenship, and language arts units. Students gain personal insight into the meaning that patriotism and individual freedom have for their peers -- provides inspiration for discussion, writing, and multimedia follow-up projects.