Future Fright: Losing the Bill of Rights DVD

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SKU: DC024136
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 24
Copyright: 1998

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This program poses the frightening question, "What would happen if our government eliminated the Bill of Rights?" That possibility is dramatically explored when, after living in a remote jungle without media access, the Gordon family returns to the U.S. Soon they learn that women and girls have been declared the legal property of men. The family comes to realize that the Bill of Rights is no longer in effect: females and minorities have lost all rights; boys are taken from their families and forced into military service. In a so-called election, Mr. Gordon is forced to vote for the incumbent government. When the family tries to leave the country, they learn that they may depart only if 12-year-old Todd is sacrificed as a lung donor for the son of a presidential supporter. The program leaves viewers to ponder choices they would make if faced with a similar situation. Excerpted from the longer program, What's Right With America, this classroom version provides compelling media support for American history, American government, and citizenship/civics units on the principles and philosophy represented in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as individual civic responsibilities.