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The toughest job in the nation is that of the president. Take an intriguing look at the decisions behind the actions of three recent presidents as they grapple with war abroad and discontentment at home.

Commander in Chief: Richard Nixon — Get insight into the Presidency of Richard Milhous Nixon. How did he contend with the Vietnam War and a divided American public? Inspect Nixon's tactics to bring about peace both at home and abroad. What was the Watergate scandal really about? Probe the reasons Nixon was forced to resign as the 27th United States president.

Commander in Chief: George H. Bush — Join this Commander in Chief as he conquers the ghosts of America's past in Vietnam and faces down a desert dictator. President George Herbert Walker Bush was faced with the hardest decision a president has to make: to go to war or not. Explore why he decided to send American soldiers to the Persian Gulf and his course of action that led to victory.

Commander in Chief: Bill Clinton — Follow President William Jefferson through the agonizing decision process that led him to deploy American troops more times then any other president in 50 years. The breakup of the Soviet Union opened the way for former Soviet provinces to rebel against their old master and fight for freedom. Unfortunately with this came ethnic cleansing. Find out why President Clinton jumped in with American troops to defend human rights.