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Runtime: 43
Copyright: 2016

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TELESCOPE is a journey behind the scenes of the next step in the evolution of telescopes: NASA and #39;s James Webb Space Telescope. A new generation has been inspired to design and build this massive instrument, which is 100 times more powerful than the Hubble Space Telescope and will be a veritable time machine, capable of looking back on the origins of our universe and identifying signatures of potential life on planets far outside our solar system. With unprecedented access to the people and technologies that power its creation, TELESCOPE spotlights the high-stakes mission of building this groundbreaking scientific instrument. The film is a comprehensive look at the dynamic history of 400 years of telescopes starting with Galileo in 1609. The Webb is the next great telescope in society and #39;s ongoing mission to see farther into the universe and answer fundamental questions that have haunted mankind from the beginning of time.