Forces and Gravity 5-Pack DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC024222
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 210
Copyright: 2004

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Buy more and save with the Forces and Gravity DVD 5-pack. Videos include:
  • Roller Coaster Physics — Roller coasters are so much fun thanks to friction, potential energy, gravity, and acceleration. Learn about the wonderful world of applied physics in this presentation. Copyright © 2004
  • Forces and Motion — Put students in the drivers seat as they learn how to measure speed and distance. This humorous, high-energy road show shows what conditions affect speed. Copyright © 2004
  • The Invisible Force — Don't let gravity get your students down. The Invisible Force is an uplifting demonstration of this all-important presence. How does gravity work? How has it shaped our planet and the species living on it over millions of years? Do your students know why some scientists believe that gravity will eventually destroy the universe? This video gives them the scoop on the latest scientific research. Copyright © 2000
  • Understanding: Uncertainty — Quantum mechanics is really out there ... a subatomic universe populated by quarks and bosons, capable of spawning such quandaries as How can a science be based on the principle of uncertainty? What is Schroedinger's cat, and why can't you pet it? This definitive guide provides the answers — no degree from M.I.T. required! Copyright © 1998
  • The Ups and Downs of Technology — Physics is the science of motion and energy. Four segments use familiar examples to show the laws of physics at work in our everyday lives. Copyright © 2004