American Dream Contest: Working Towards DVD

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SKU: DC024134
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 19
Copyright: 1994

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Five short films based on visions of the American dream submitted by students ranging from 4th through 12th grade. Each film offers a hopeful look at our country today...and tomorrow. "Not Everyone Is the Same" is about a 5th grade class that learns to overcome prejudice. An individual good deed turns into a grass-roots movement to feed the homeless in "The Sandwich Man." The Bill of Rights will become very personal for students viewing "I Was Speechless", which shows what could happen to them and their peers if those rights were taken away. Students celebrate America's diversity in their poem, "America: A Banquet Of Colors." In "Future Bright" a student meets his future self, who brings an optimistic message that one person CAN make a difference. Featuring performances by Calista Flockhart and Gavin MacLeod, this program provides compelling media support for American history, citizenship/civics, culture and multiculturalism, and language arts units.