Basics of Geography II

United Learning

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 38
Copyright: 1996

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Part One, and quot;Water and Landforms, and quot; examines the Earth's oceans and fresh water sources, the major continents and basic types of land forms found on the Earth, and the constant changes occurring to the Earth's surface. The program also looks at how these various aspects of physical geography affect the lifestyles of people living in different regions of the world. Part Two, and quot;Climate and Natural Resources, and quot; examines the various climates of the world and the many factors that influence climate. The different types of natural resources found on the Earth and the ways in which they are used, as well as how climate and natural resources affect population distribution and the patterns of living of people in various regions of the world, are examined. and quot;Basics of Geography II and quot; helps students gain a better understanding of their world and of the diversity of the people living in it.