Last of the Czars 2-Pack DVD

Discovery Education

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Copyright: 2004

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For 300 years, the Romanov family ruled Russia until a Lenin-backed revolution ended the reign with their violent deaths. New information gleaned from never-before-seen footage, actual letters, czarist-era survivor interviews, photos, and other rare items gives a finely detailed look at this country's most dramatic dynasty and era.

Part 1: A Dynasty in Decline — Nicholas II saw his czarist hold on the country crumble when Lenin's Bolshevik Party and tragic events, such as the infamous "Bloody Sunday," brought constitutional monarchy to the fore. Meet Nicholas and Alexandra, their four daughters and only son, and the czar's mysterious confidant, Rasputin.

Part 2: Revolution — The final months of Romanov rule were fraught with tension: Civil unrest boiled over; Nicholas gave the throne to his brother, who rejected it; the Bolshevik Party seized control; and the royal family's last days were spent under house arrest.