Teen Files: The Truth About Drinking DVD Long Version

AIMS Multimedia

SKU: DC858175
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 46
Copyright: 1998

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Alcohol kills more than five times the number of people killed by cocaine, heroin, and every other illegal drug combined. Yet for today's teenagers, alcohol is the number one drug of choice. It is considered "cool" by many teens to drink as much as they can in social situations involving their peers. Few if any of these young people think about the consequences. In this program, teens who are current drinkers see firsthand what the future may hold for them if they continue to drink. They experience the potential consequences of alcohol use from every perspective, including: how drinking impairs a person's coordination, vision, and reaction time; how the brain and other organs suffer lasting damage from alcohol use; how a drunk person really drives; and how drinking can lead to spending months in a rehabilitation center. The program culminates in a realistic simulation of the "deaths" of three participants who got into a car with a fourth who was driving drunk. The teens watch videotape of their parents' reaction to the news. The driver is then "booked" and sent to prison. The three victims visit the coroner's office to learn of the fatal injuries each suffered in the crash. Finally, the foursome attend the funerals of the three who "died" in the crash and listen as their parents read farewell tributes to their children. By the close of the program, all of the young participants are moved to stop their reckless drinking behavior.