Mexico: Our Neighbor to the South DVD

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Format: DVD
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Copyright: 1993

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This two-part program features on-location video in many parts of Mexico. Using a traditional storytelling style, an old citizen tells us about his beloved Mexico. 
  • "Part One: Mexico: The People and Their Land" teaches viewers about the location and geography of Mexico, its natural resources, industries, and form of government. We'll hear about the country's problems and the causes-an expanding population and limited employment opportunities-as well as the hopes and aspirations for Mexico's future. 
  • "Part Two: Mexico: The People and Their Customs" gives a brief history of Mexico and helps viewers understand the country's cultural diversity. We examine population, educational opportunities, and the rich heritage of individual artisans and we see and hear the people's music and festivals. Factors which unite the Mexican people - their religion, emphasis on family life and community activities - are revealed.