Reality Matters: Smoke Signals DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC776302
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 24
Copyright: 2004

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Marc Record

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Teens and adolescents in record numbers are becoming hooked on tobacco, from cigarettes to a rise in the use of smokeless tobacco to boutique cigarettes such bidis. Through interviews with students, parents, doctors, and teachers, the program explores the rise of teens using tobacco. The program explores three themes: The selling of tobacco to a new generation of savvy adolescents — does advertising work? The rise in tobacco sales including smokeless tobacco and new trends in cigarettes. The battle to get kids off tobacco using techniques such as the nicotine patch — are young kids truly addicted or are they smoking for image? As more kids turn to tobacco, experts are now focusing efforts not on prevention to pick up that first cigarette, but how to get them off before they are locked into a lifelong addiction.