Great Books: The Odyssey DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 55
Copyright: 2004

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Marc Record

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This DVD offers an introduction to one of the Western world's first action-adventure stories. Take a look at the Greek myths and The Odyssey's lessons of morality. Scholars and critics discuss the impact of The Odyssey on Western literature, as well as the now-familiar heroic traits first seen in Homer's characters.

Each Discovery Channel School DVD features:

  • Play Video: Plays entire video with pre and post viewing questions and student interstitials
  • Video Index: Utilizes DVD technology to quickly find the right content segment
  • Curriculum Units: Exclusive to Discovery Channel School! 10-15 shorter segments addressing specific curriculum topics. Each curriculum unit opens with a previewing question, plays video and ends with a post-viewing question. This can be used as a unit of instruction and allows for easy integration into the classroom.
  • Teacher Resources: Includes a Teacher Resource Guide with lesson plan, suggested classroom activities, reading and vocabulary
  • Standards Link: Correlates the video to national standards