History through Literature: Renaissance and Reformation (1450 to 1660) DVD


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Marc Record

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Chronicles the rediscovery of classical thought during the Renaissance, which in turn engendered a rebirth of all the arts. Examines the rise of the new mercantile economy, fueled by world exploration and trade, and shows how it enabled greater concentration of power. Illuminates the various ways authors addressed their newly powerful rulers: attempts to mold their authority in Machiavelli's The Prince and Education of a Christian Prince by Erasmus; humorous portraits of court life in the writings of Molina and Cervantes; and exhortations for responsible rule in Shakespeare's works. Shows how religious questioning-fed by the rise of literacy, Gutenberg's printing press, and worldwide communications-gave rise to Martin Luther's Protestant reforms. Details how the volatile mix of politics and religion unleashed centuries of religious wars. Includes Teacher's Guide