Concepts in Precalculus 2-Pack DVD

Discovery Education

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Runtime: 112
Copyright: 2006

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Explore concepts in precalculus. Use trigonometry to solve real-world problems, including the law of cosines aiding land surveying, aircraft navigation, sine waves in music, and the use of sine function to measure ocean-wave activity. Learn about the golden age of the Moors and their contributions to modern math. Then explore math and the world view in the Indus Valley, inlcuding applications of infinite series found in Zeno's Paradox, joint probability in sporting events, conditional probabilty and the effects of overfishing, and limits and infinity in the context of astronomy.

Precalculus I: Trigonometry includes five segments:

  • Aircraft Navigation: Learning the Laws
  • GPS and Triangulation: Where in the World?
  • Ocean Waves: Measuring Amplitude
  • Sound Waves: The Magic of Music
  • Math and the Moors: Trigonometry in the Golden Age of Islam

Precalculus II: Limits, Infinity, and Probability includes five segments:

  • Joint Probability: Understanding the Odds
  • Conditional Probability: The Monty Hall Problem
  • Limits and Infinity: The Never-ending Expanse
  • Infinite Series: Zeno’s Paradoxes of Motion
  • Math and World View in Ancient India