Math: Kids and Cash 2-Pack DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 120
Copyright: 2002

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Video 1: All About Money
What Is It Worth? — Travel around the world to explore trade, the history of money, and the notions of trade, value, and price. It's as Good as Gold — Take a look at how and why people value gold, from the early explorers to the prospectors during the California Gold Rush. Minting Money — First see how many pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters make up one dollar. Then visit the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia and watch as quarters are designed, cut, stamped, and shipped. Printing Money — Money doesn't grow on trees; it's printed on special paper made from linen and cotton. Money In Other Countries — Travel to Japan and learn about the yen.

Video 2: Money and You
What's a Bank? — Explore the history of banks and learn how they play a vital role in the community by loaning people money and helping people save. Safe and Sound — Visit the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to find out how money is kept safe in armored trucks and vaults. Managing Money — Learn the basics of money management at the Young American's Bank in Denver, where all the customers are under 22. Young Moneymakers — Meet Steele Tescher, who lives and works with family on a ranch in Beaver Creek, North Dakota, and Brian Chavez, of Denver, owner of Aerodynamics Airbrushing, a T-shirt company. Turning Milk into Gold — Visit the ice cream factory at Ben and Jerry's.