The Number Crew: Halve and Quarters as Parts of A Whole DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 10

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Marc Record

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Beginning to recognize that two halves or four quarters make a whole, and that two quarters and one-half are equivalent

The Number Crew is the most in-depth multimedia math curriculum available for kindergarten and first graders. Created for all types of learners in various classroom settings, it helps children get off to a good start with mathematics. It contains 50 video episodes presented in 3D animation, 5 CD-ROMs, 36 music titles, classroom materials and more.

Each episode is set aboard the SS Mathematical, piloted by a cheerful crew looking after their unusual animal passengers. Time after time the crew encounter new problems that can only be solved by learning about a new area of math, gaining new skills or by learning to put their mathematic know-how into practice.

The world of The Number Crew is presented in 3-D animation with a human guide for the journey. Matthew Lyons comments, helps and explains from his seaside camp, using fun props and games. So get onboard. When you spend time with The Number Crew, you will see that it really adds up.