Teen Files FLIPPED: Eating Disorders/Steroids DVD

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Format: DVD
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Copyright: 2002

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From the producer of the award-winning Teen Files and Scared Straight series comes a sobering exploration of the tragic physiological, emotional and psychological effects of one teen's eating disorder and another teen's anabolic steroid use. For Kelli and Dan, how you look defines who you are. Kelli is a dancer, whose biggest fear is being fat. Dan, a football player lifts weights to look good. Suddenly, the teens are "flipped" and, for one event-filled day, live out their dreams through someone else's life. As the day progresses, however, they find themselves in situations that force them to come face-to-face with their own insecurities and the realities and consequences of a life centered around body image. A media adjunct for Health, Guidance and Life Skills units on behavioral choices, decision-making, critical thinking, respect, communication and compassion.