Discovering Math: Algebra 3-Pack DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 168

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Includes: "Discovering Math: Concepts in Algebra": From representing patterns in a variety of ways to understanding the concepts of variables and equal relationships, introduce elementary students to more advanced properties of functions and algebra. All content is tied to national standards and benchmarks, "Discovering Math: Concepts in Advanced Algebra": Meet people who have “beaten the odds” in life, and learn how mathematical equations can predict outcomes. Discover how members of ancient civilizations in the Indus Valley relied on math, as people do today when they devise permutations and combinations related to the outcome of track and field events, measure seismic activity on a logarithmic scale, estimate pi using Buffon’s needle, and analyze data to predict hurricanes, and "Discovering Math: Concepts in Algebra: Ratios and Proportions": How are ratios and proportions used to solve real world problems? This video features them in Renaissance design, calculating the orbit of the moon, estimating animal populations, understanding currency exchange rates, making distance-speed conversions, and creating special effects in films.