Teen Files Smoking: Truth or Dare? DVD

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 34
Copyright: 1998

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Six thousand American teenagers light a cigarette for the first time every day. Today, the number of teen smokers in the United States is the highest its been in two decades. A total of four and a half million teens smoke or chew tobacco. Despite increased education in the classroom about the very real dangers of tobacco use, many teens still are not getting the message. They may be aware that smoking or chewing tobacco has dire consequences, but they do not believe or care that they, too, will become part of the statistics: every year, smoking kills more people than AIDS, drug abuse, car accidents and murder-combined. Smoking: Truth or Dare?, broadcast on national television, is a powerful program that graphically demonstrates to teens who use tobacco exactly what this deadly habit is doing to them. The damage smoking or chewing tobacco does to their bodies is not just something intangible that they might have to face forty or more years down the road. These young people are suffering the deadly effects of their tobacco use right now, and the consequences will only get worse.