Stuff Happens with Bill Nye - Dinner DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC024054
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 22
Copyright: 2008

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When we make stuff, stuff happens. Acclaimed "Science Guy" Bill Nye examines the everyday stuff of our lives and the far-reaching effects our actions have on the planet.  Teachers can utilize the keen delivery of Bill Nye to help students understand human interaction with the environment, the ways in which our own technology can help or hurt the environment, and actions we can implement to improve our use of resources.   

Bill Nye sits down to a meal with a friend to discuss how the things we prepare and eat for dinner can have unintended environmental consequences. Covering everything from the main course to dessert, the program reviews where food comes from and how certain agricultural practices can directly and indirectly damage the planet. Bill Nye provides helpful tips for choosing healthy alternatives to nourish the environment as well as the body.