Less Lethal Weapons DVD

AIMS Multimedia

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 24
Copyright: 2003

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Marc Record

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Less lethal weapons are a vital tool for establishing control in situations where other force options are unreasonable. This two-part program presents a short course on the use of less lethal weapons in law enforcement. The program is structured for use in roll call briefings or for in-service training.

Part I covers the safety factors for handling less lethal weapons prior to deployment -- such as loading only less lethal munitions and communicating with other officers that you are firing a less lethal weapon. Strategic deployment factors -- including use of these weapons for crowd control, in corrections facilities, or when confronted with armed or mentally challenged suspects -- are discussed. Tactical considerations and documentation are also covered.

Part II details the types of less lethal weapons and munitions, including: 12 gauge shotguns, 37mm or 40mm launchers, and 37mm baton rounds, rifle bore projectiles, bean bags, stinger rounds, and encapsulated rounds. Instruction includes firing range demonstrations and analysis of the weapons’ use and effectiveness.