Police Pursuit Driving DVD

AIMS Multimedia

SKU: DC867044
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 25
Copyright: 2003

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Officers need to know how to control their vehicles during a pursuit, but it's also crucial to know what the circumstances of pursuit do to the officers themselves -- both physically and psychologically. Hosted by well-known law enforcement trainer and expert Ed Nowicki, the program contains vital information on decisions to be made in regard to police pursuits, and will help viewers understand the decision-making process of deciding when to pursue and when not to pursue. Vehicle dynamics and safety are addressed, while pursuit driving experts and defense attorneys provide insight on preserving the safety of: the pursuing officer, other officers and motorists, as well as the person being pursued. These are examined from both practical and legal perspectives, and an appropriate balance between known violator offenses and the safety of the community is stressed. Live footage from patrol car dash cameras illustrates the crucial importance of the decision to pursue a subject.