Domestic Violence Response DVD

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 25
Copyright: 2003

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There is often a fine line between love and hate. All law enforcement officers must be aware when responding to a domestic violence call they are entering what can be an extremely volatile situation. A disturbance can escalate from arguing to violence in seconds, and officers must be able to keep the peace, separate combatants, and be concerned about their own safety. Entering a subject\'s home, the officers are suddenly on the \"other guy\'s turf.\" The subjects know where all the potential weapons are, particularly in the kitchen -- a room loaded with utensils that can be used to deadly effect. The complaining party even may turn against officers when the abusive spouse is about to be taken away. No wonder a domestic violence situation is one of the most feared officer survival calls. Hosted by Ed Nowicki, former executive director of the American Society for Law Enforcement Training (ASLET), this program features realistic reenactments highlighting the most crucial training points, as well as commentary from several training experts.