Reality Matters 6-Pack DVD

Discovery Education

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Runtime: 156

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Marc Record

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These days, students are inundated with mixed messages about drugs, smoking, peer pressure, and many other real-life issues. This DVD 6-pack will help you speak directly to your students about the serious issues teens face during puberty.

Extreme Measures — From anorexia to steroids, the desire for the "body beautiful" is impacting very young kids — both girls and boys.

Deadly Highs — Meet three teenagers: an alcoholic, prescription-drug abuser, and heroin addict, who explain the thrill of flirting with dangerous drugs and alcohol. Are genetics responsible?

Smoke Signals — Hear the children of Pat Smith, a 27-year-old mother on a lung machine, as they endure the painful ordeal of watching her die of lung cancer.

High Performance — School sports promote physical strength, self-esteem, and teamwork. But is the push to be the best leading to potentially life-long injuries? Are body-building products safe?

Cruel Schools — Examine the antagonistic atmosphere that begets violence, and look at some solutions found in the stories of three victims — only one of whom lived to tell his own story.

Sexual Pressure — Sexual harassment and violence begin in middle school and escalate from there. Learn how sexual insecurities and concerns help fuel harassment.