STDs, AIDS, and the Clean Love Solution DVD

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Runtime: 30

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Here it is... simple, honest, positive answers to a confusing and intimidating subject. Watch as two teenagers jump in a car and embark on a quest for knowledge. They visit doctors, clinics, and STD educators, and chat with their peers about safe sex. They hear the harsh realities from young people who have been infected with AIDS and other STDs; it's real and it can happen to you. Tracy and Gyasi learn that the answers are simple - the safest way to avoid sexually transmitted disease is to abstain from sex, but for those kids who do have sex, they can reduce their risk by maintaining monogamous relationships, getting tested for STDs, and always wearing protection, etc. Communication is a key. Learn how to discuss your sexual feelings in a mature way and insist that your desires are respected. Upbeat and solution-focused, this video offers many new insights to young people as they begin to experience the world in new ways. Learn how to achieve a carefree, happy, and healthy life.