When I Grow Up I Want To Be a Veterinarian DVD

United Learning

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Format: DVD
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Copyright: 2000

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From lions and tigers and bears at the zoo, to sharks, turtles, and whales in an aquarium, to dogs, cats, and rabbits at home, animals are all around us! This program explores the careers of the doctors who take care of them, veterinarians. Children meet several veterinarians and go behind-the-scenes, watching Matthew assist a veterinarian during his dog Rocky's wellness exam. They will discover the different skills needed to provide medical care to animals and to keep them healthy and happy.  At the end of Rocky's wellness exam, Matthew assists in solving a medical emergency and sees firsthand why teamwork skills are so important. Children will also understand why good science skills are so crucial to veterinarians and see the importance of math skills, since veterinarians use calculations to determine the amount of medication to give to an animal.