Teen Files: Surviving High School DVD Long Version

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SKU: DC870212
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 90
Copyright: 2001

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Surviving High School is a searing exploration of the stress that high school kids experience as they try to fit in and be accepted by their peers - no matter what the cost. This video unfolds like a real-life version of The Breakfast Club as eleven teens struggling to "fit in" exemplify the ever-growing problems of isolation, extreme dieting, steroid use, depression, and suicidal thoughts. An additional inspiration is an appearance by Keena Turner, a former San Francisco 49er, who talks to teens about how he became a Super Bowl champion without the use of steroids; and Magali Amadei, a former model, recounts her painful battle with an eating disorder. Viewers are given an in-depth look at these teens' lives and are allowed to observe as they reveal their true selves to each other. The program dares these teens to define what it means to "survive" on their own campus by finding a solution to the bullying, harassment, and exclusion that have been tearing their school apart. Like the previous Teen Files specials, this program will raise awareness about these vital issues and motivate teenagers to face the truth about modern-day pressures. By urging teens across the country to make positive changes in how they perceive themselves and how they treat others, Surviving High School is a compelling and invaluable resource for kids and teachers alike.