History of Medicine 3-Pack DVD

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Copyright: 2006

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Travel back in time to witness some of the most important innovations in the history of medicine.

Innovations in Obstetrics and Pediatrics
Learn about caesarian sections, the use of forceps, the development of the first vaccine, and the invention of pasteurization. Then examine major shifts in the social history of childbirth, namely the shift in practitioner from female midwives schooled in herbs to male doctors eager to apply the scientific method to the emerging field of obstetrics. Includes six segments.

  • The First Breath — Covers social and historical milestones in childbirth practices.
  • Battling Child Bed Fever — Demonstrates the importance of clean hands.
  • Nurturing Growth — Looks at the advances brought by the incubator and a growing understanding of nutrition.
  • Saving the Triplets — Shows doctors and nurses working to save the lives of premature infants.
  • The Road to Vaccines — Profiles Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur, early pioneers in medicine.
  • From Stethoscope to X-ray — Offers an inside glimpse of the human body.


Innovations in Adult Care
See how the historical understanding of the circulatory system and the heart has affected the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular problems. Examine innovations in organ transplantation. Take a look at research into the cause and treatment of diabetes. Then survey noninvasive medical advances and treatments. Includes five segments.

  • The Heart: Circulating Ideas — Explores major advances in cardiovascular science and technology.
  • Women’s Heart Disease — Looks at how heart disease affects women and ata groundbreaking new heart surgery.
  • Machines and Medicine — Considers how one doctor’s invention revolutionized surgery and launched the era of transplantation.
  • Insulin: Shots of Hope — Shows how doctors learned to manage one of the most widespread diseases in the world.
  • Noninvasive Measures — Investigates advances in medicine that have reduced the need for surgery and made other treatments more effective.


Innnovations in Elder Care
Explore the first successful heart transplant and the development of the pacemaker. Discover major strides in tumor reduction and the treatment of cancer. Take a look at treatments for late-in-life blindness and the first successful cataract operation. Then examine the latest findings in the fight against Alzheimer's. Includes four segments.

  • The Heart: Fixing the Pump — Shows some life-saving surgeries and devices used by cardiovascular doctors.
  • The Fight Against Cancer — Examines techniques used to treat an often deadly disease.
  • Vision in Medicine — Looks at how physicians have treated eye disease.
  • Alzheimer's Disease: Losing the Past — Examine the role genes play in this disease's development.