Build It Bigger: Big Easy Rebuild DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC024088
Format: DVD
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Runtime: 40
Copyright: 2006

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Architect Danny Forster gets up close and personal with mega-construction. Along with designers, engineers, and builders, he'll find the most dangerous, most spectacular, most difficult, and most inventively executed aspects of the job.   

The recovery of New Orleans from the devastation brought by Hurricane Katrina will take years, if not decades. But before long-term solutions can be debated, designed, and implemented, immediate repairs are desperately needed to keep New Orleans dry. The 2006 hurricane season is not far away and the engineers are struggling to get ready. How hard is their job? Says one engineer, "It's like building the Panama Canal--in eight months!" Danny Forster will work alongside the tireless dawn-to-dusk team from the Army Corps of Engineers as they race to repair two critical levees and install the first new floodgate.