A Kid's Guide to Drug, Alcohol, and Smoking Awareness DVD


SKU: DC978999
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 54
Copyright: 1984

Alt Formats:
Teacher's Guide
Free Resources
Marc Record

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Introduce young students to the dangers of substance abuse and arm them with the knowledge needed to avoid the trap of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use. Using this five-part program--"Good Drugs-Bad Drugs"; "Drugs"; "Alcohol"; "Smoking"; and "Your Health-Your Responsibility"--students will discover the hidden dangers in experimenting with drugs and realize how quickly an individual can become "hooked" on certain substances. Viewers learn that staying safe, healthy, and drug free begins with assuming responsibility for your health and staying away from hazardous substances. This highly effective and educational program is an excellent tool for introducing youngsters to the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes and urging your students to keep these substances out of school and out of their bodies as well.