A Sense For Technology DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 54
Copyright: 2004

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Investigate the science of sight and sound. Four segments demonstrate how technology is being used to study — and in some cases improve — the way we see and hear.
  • Super Sonar: Focuses on bats' ability to navigate using sonar.
  • Sound or Silence: Cochlear Implants: Explains the science behind cochlear implants and introduces men and women who are choosing to undergo implant surgery.
  • Seeing the Light: Analyzes the structure of the eye to explore how light is seen.
  • The "Eye" in Inspired: Introduces Shana, a finalist in the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge, who was inspired to research genetic eye conditions because of her mother's experience with blindness.
How will these promising yet controversial techniques affect us in the future? Today's research holds tantalizing clues.