Africa: Economics and Change DVD

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Copyright: 2004

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Africa's productive farms, mines, and waterways demonstrate the continent's wealth of resources. Segments visit Mali, Tanzania, Algeria, South Africa, and other countries. In this episode, students see numerous ways that people use natural resources for economic benefit.
  • Africa's Grain Basket: Focuses on Mali's fertile soil, which produces rice, wheat, corn, millet, and stability for the country's economy.
  • A Beneficial Bean: Introduces farmers who grow string bean crops to help their communities obtain employment and financial security.
  • World's Deepest Goldmine: Takes students several miles beneath the Earth's surface where South African workers extract gold.
  • A Living on Lake Victoria: Reports on the introduction of the Nile perch in Lake Victoria and the resulting transformation in Tanzanians' lives and livelihoods.
  • Fruits of the Desert: Portrays Algerians who grow fruit in a Saharan oasis.