Ancient Greek Culture 5-Pack DVD

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Runtime: 156

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The legacy of ancient Greece is evident in the modern world. Discover how devotion to military training helped Spartan Warriors fuel the rise and fall of Sparta, the most powerful city-state in ancient Greece. In Parthenon: Design and Architecture, witness the intricate carvings of magnificent sculptures and the building techniques of this landmark marble monument. Alexander the Great ruled the world stage for a brief time, but his influence was felt years after his death.

Homer's Odyssey, the archetypal journey through life, has been a rich source of dramatic plot twists, images, and phrases for centuries. Listen to scholars and other professionals explore its timeless appeal. Plato's Republic has intrigued, provoked, appalled, and inspired readers since it was written in ancient Athens 2,500 years ago. The questions Plato first posed in The Republic address conflicts people grapple with today.