Arctic Biomes 5-Pack DVD

Discovery Education

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Runtime: 275
Copyright: 2005

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The extraordinary five-part series explores the frigid ecosystems and rich history of the arctic.

Arctic Changes and #151; Will Arctic wildlife adapt to global climate changes? Will melting ice and rising sea levels force the coastal inhabitants inland? Join biologists on a five-month research expedition through the Arctic to find answers to these and other impending questions.

Extreme Climate and #151; Travel to the Arctic with a team of environmental research scientists to examine the effects of global climate change on the ecosystem's natural cycles.

Land of the Inuit and #151; Nine months of freezing cold and three months of warmer weather and #151; that's life in the Arctic. Witness the daily triumphs and struggles of the Inuit, who have lived in this icy environment for thousands of years.

The Threat of the Sea and #151; The threat of global warming makes the Arctic particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels. Trail scientists who are studying the effects of rising waters, and meet people on the front lines whose coastal communities are at risk.

Wild Arctic and #151; Look in-depth at the wildlife of the arctic, including birds, seals, polar bears, and whales to see how climate change is affecting their ecosystem.