Asia's Expansion: Treasures and Travels DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 55
Copyright: 2005

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The world's largest continent is also home to some of its oldest civilizations. Trek across Asia's geography and #151; and history and #151; for a look at the cultural forces that have shaped this diverse continent. Includes one feature and three shorter segments.
  • China's Unified Empire and #151; Explores the great dynasties of ancient China and their transformation from a collection of warring states into a single empire.
  • Lost Treasure of the Yangtze Valley and #151; Shows how modern construction is destroying some of China's ancient artifacts.
  • Mongols and Warlords and #151; Examines the end of China's Golden Age and how feudal warlords made an indelible mark on Japan's history and culture.
  • India's Faithful and #151; Profiles the birth and evolution of Hinduism and Asoka's role in the growth of Buddhism.