Asia's Global Influence DVD

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Among the nations of Asia, diverse economic conditions and traditions lead to differences in lifestyles. Through this study, students consider economic situations in light of the political and cultural influences that help create them. Segments address current and historical issues.
  • The Merchants of China: Chronicles how merchants rose to power following Kublai Khan's 13th-century conquest of China.
  • A Great Green Wall: Describes the ongoing battle against deforestation and desertification as the Gobi encroaches on China's land.
  • A Personal Tour: Presents a lighthearted view of Hong Kong and its residents through a celebrity's hometown visit.
  • Rich and Poor: Contrasts the starkly different economic situations experienced by North and South Korea.
  • The Extended Family: Portrays family life in a Vietnamese village, where a single house often shelters parents, children, grandparents, in-laws, and other relatives under one roof.