Biomes 5-Pack DVD

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Runtime: 275
Copyright: 2005

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This beautiful five-part series explores the creation of ecosystems and survival of their plant and animal inhabitants. Your students will marvel at the power and wonder of the natural environment.

Coastlines and Seas and #151; Ever since the Earth was formed, land and sea have battled to claim the coastline. Segments cover this epic struggle as well as the habitats and adaptations of several marine species.

Adapting To Deserts and Other Ecosystems and #151; Animals inhabit nearly every environment on Earth, including many places that seem utterly inhospitable to life. Segments cover animal adaptations in the vast Asian deserts, the watery homes of crocodiles, and the lofty domain of birds.

Freshwater and Seawater and #151; Water takes many forms and has many functions on our planet. Segments cover the science of waves, the adaptations of animals in aquatic habitats, and the desalination of seawater.

Forests and Seeds and #151; The forest is a wild environment that many students have seen and experienced and #151; yet what do we really know about its science? Segments cover seed structure and dispersal, a year in the life of a forest, and a recipe for maple syrup.

Islands and Evolution and #151; Because they have evolved in isolation for millions of years, island life forms often show characteristics seen nowhere else on Earth. Segments cover plants and animals of the Galápagos, Indonesia, and Tasmania.