Body in Motion DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC024189
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 26
Copyright: 1999

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Muscles and limbs, neurons and organs — it's quite a powerful production when creatures are on the move.

Learning to Walk — No matter how many times a baby "bottoms out" while learning to walk, she'll get up and try again. Learn why the human animal is so determined to stand on its hind legs.

See How They Run — Leave it to science to find a use for the cockroach: By studying the way roaches and other arthropods walk and scramble, we've learned how gravity affects movement — and how we're more similar to bugs than you'll want to admit.

Young Athletes — Send your son off before dawn for 12 hours of diving practice? Enroll your four-year-old in rigorous gymnastics training? Welcome to the world of athletics in China, where children compete to bring honor to family and country.

Fantastic Robots — Your job a circus? It was for M.I.T. scientists who studied acrobatic performers to recreate human agility in robots. Now they've got the tin ones turning somersaults.