California Up Close 5-Pack DVD

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Includes: California Up Close: Native Americans and European Explorers: For much of its history, California was populated by Native Americans. With the discovery of the New World, Europeans would eventually meet and come into conflict with the native peoples. See how this history unfolded, California Up Close: Spanish California: California got its name from the Spanish, who in short order transformed this land into a distinctive colony of Spain. But Spain's rule would lead to a revolution among the colonists, when Mexico gained its independence from Spain. Thereafter, California was a Mexican state, California Up Close: Westward Expansion and Statehood: California continued its historical transformation, as it went from a Mexican state to a key part of the reason for the Mexican-American War, until it became the 31st state of the United States. See how California became a key reason for westward expansion, California Up Close: Modern California: Through the twentieth century to today, California has continued to grow in population, economic power, and political influence. Follow the key events in California's modern history and, California Up Close: California Today: California is one of the most diverse states in the union. See this diversity in action, as we get a taste of the local and ethnic cultures that make up this state.