Civilizations 5-Pack DVD

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Copyright: 2005

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Explore the leaders and civilizations that have influenced world history and shaped contemporary society. Videos include:
  • Civilizations: Rise to Power and #151; The Roman and Ottoman empires stand as monuments to the expansion of power. Examine the similarities and differences of these two great civilizations and the rulers that built them.
  • Civilizations: Abuse of Power and #151; To maintain authority, leaders throughout history have taken drastic measures that include depriving citizens of freedom. Explore abuses of power from ancient Rome to post-war Germany to 20th-century South Africa.
  • Civilizations: Expansion and Conquest and #151; For centuries, leaders in ancient Rome and czarist Russia sought to expand their influence and conquer other nations. See how Roman legions and Russia's Peter the Great led their civilizations through a long series of battles.
  • Civilizations: Fall of Power and #151; The struggle for authority can turn brutal when a leader seeks to retain power, not just gain it. Explore the events that led to the demise of the civilizations of ancient Rome and China.
  • Civilizations: Leadership and #151; Civilizations are judged by the quality of their leaders and the choices they make during times of war and #151; and peace. Compare the leadership styles and decisions of some of history's most powerful rulers.