Civilizations: Expansion and Conquest DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 55
Copyright: 2005

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For centuries, leaders in ancient Rome and czarist Russia sought to expand their influence and conquer other nations. See how Roman legions and Russia's Peter the Great led their civilizations through a long series of battles. Includes one feature and three shorter segments.
  • Rome's Conquests and #151; Traces the path and battles of Roman legions in their quest to conquer the world.
  • Peter the Great and #151; Looks at how this Russian leader brought Western influence and power to his struggling nation.
  • Rise of Nationalism and #151; Examines how ideas replaced wars in Russia's battle against its oppressive czars.
  • Communism and the Soviet Union and #151; Shows the fall of czarist Russia and the birth of communism.