Discovering the Elements DVD

Discovery Education

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Format: DVD
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Runtime: 57
Copyright: 1996

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Our bodies and all the world around us are made of chemical elements. Scientists have now discovered over one hundred of these elements, such as oxygen, calcium, and iron. Others are extremely rare and can only be found in small quantities in laboratories. Elements can exist in pure form, but more often they are combined into compounds and mixtures. Some are metals and others are non-metals. A few are highly reactive and burst into flame when immersed in water or exposed to air. Elements with similar properties can be grouped into families, and the families arranged in a Periodic Table. After a general introduction to the chemical elements, students are challenged to play a game in which they must identify elements based on their appearances and spoken clues. The game builds skills of observation, note-taking, and use of reference data. When played in teams, the game promotes cooperation and group discussion. The exact rules are flexible and can be altered to match the skill level of the players.