Discovery Magazine: Forensics 2-Pack DVD

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Technological advances are solving all kinds of mysteries that have left us stumped for decades. See how new tools and methods of investigation are telling stories we thought had been silenced forever. Part 1: Discover Magazine: The Real Story of Jamestown: John Smith was the premier diplomat in the New World—or was he? The graves of historic Jamestown help tell the story of a cold and stressful winter where Smith was not the beloved leader of the British, and the early colonists were not celebrating their new world or each other. Part 2: Discover Magazine: Who Killed Lincoln? Who really killed President Abraham Lincoln? Was it John Wilkes Booth, the fleeing gunman? Or did doctors facilitate Lincoln’s death through negligence? A forensic investigation led by doctors and scientists suggests they could have saved the president. Can today’s knowledge of ballistics and medicine provide the real story?