Dynamic Earth DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC010850
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 52

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Let this fast-paced compilation introduce your elementary learners to Mother Nature in a really bad mood, with dramatic footage of king-size waves, deadly storms, and supercharged skies. In four fascinating segments, your students will be blown away by the awesome power of the Earth. Tidal Wave — Surfers in search of the ultimate wave will find it in the tsunami, a monster wall of water that can rise 100 feet above the ocean’s surface. Hurricane — These furious forces evolve from mere thunderstorms into spinning cyclones that wreck coastlines up and down the Atlantic. Tornado — Call them whirlwinds, funnel clouds, or twisters--they all spell trouble, especially if you live in Tornado Alley. Lightning — One bolt throbs with several hundred million volts of electricity. Find out why you don’t want to be swimming during a thunderstorm.