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  • Elements of Biology: Cells: Every cell is surrounded by a membrane and is constituted of thousands of molecules of a variety of specialized structures that carry out cell functions such as energy productions, waste disposal, synthesis of new molecules and the storage of genetic material.
  • Elements of Biology: Organization in Living Systems: Matter and energy are organized in living systems in such a way that they help the organism adapt to its environment.
  • Elements of Biology: Genetics: The instructions specifying the characteristics of all organisms, whether plant or animal, are carried in what is called the DNA. This is a large polymer formed from subunits of four kinds (A, G, C, and T). Scientists are working to unlock the mysteries of DNA in order to better understand how organisms get their structure.
  • Elements of Biology: Organisms and Their Environment: Plants and animals compete and cooperate in their environment resulting in what is often described as a "Balance of Nature" within an ecosystem.
  • Elements of Biology: Biomes: Biomes are zones created by physical geographic and climatic conditions in different areas of the earth. Organisms thrive or perish within biomes depending on their ability to adapt. This program will describe the major world biomes and explain how some organisms adapt to the environment within the biomes. Mention will be made of how humans have changed the ecosystem in some biomes.
  • Elements of Biology: Biological Evolution: In 1850, Charles Darwin published The Origin of the Species in which he postulated that all plants and animals originated with a single cell and over time have evolved into the complex number of species that we know today. This theory has become the organizational principle that biologists use to explain the life sciences.