Elements of Chemistry 6-Pack DVD

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  • Elements of Chemistry: Understanding the Periodic Table: The periodic table is the most important organizing tool of modern chemistry. This program explains the historical development of the table and explains why elements are given specific positions on the Table. The information contained in the squares of the periodic table is discussed, along with electron configurations. The program concludes with a tour of the table illustrating the similarities of blocks of elements.
  • Elements of Chemistry: Gases, Liquids, and Solids: Practically all elements and substances can exist as a gas, a liquid and a solid, but they still retain their original chemical composition. The Kinetic-Molecular Theory explains the behavior of different states of matter by examining the forces between the particles and the energy they possess. Temperature is the primary variable that determines the state of an element or a substance but pressure can also have an influence. This program reviews the different gas laws as well as examining the characteristics of substances and elements when they are liquids and solids.
  • Elements of Chemistry: Compounds and Reactions: If there are only 92 elements found naturally in the universe, how is it possible that there are millions of different substances? Elements bond together into compounds and it is these compounds that make up the great variety of substances. Students explore how different types of compounds are formed, and examine the chemical reactions of elements when they bond into other substances. The program concludes with a look at electrochemistry, a special type of chemical reaction.
  • Elements of Chemistry: Carbon Chemistry: All matter follows the same scientific principles, but there are significant differences in the chemical make up of organic and inorganic substances. Life as we know it could not exist without the element carbon. It provides the backbone of every living molecule. This program focuses on the unusual properties of carbon and shows how it is able to combine with other elements to produce the vast number of organic compounds from hydrocarbons to the molecules in human tissues.
  • Elements of Chemistry: Atoms: The understanding of the structure of the atom is one of the greatest achievements of modern science. Atoms are the fundamental building blocks of all matter. Students explore the structure of atoms, what holds them together, what is the composition of different elements, isotopes, and ions. Finally, the program provides an introduction to the basic ideas of Quantum Theory, and shows how the knowledge of the atom has led to an understanding of how the millions of different substances that exist in the universe are formed.
  • Elements of Chemistry: Acids and Bases: Acids and bases are two different classes of compounds that are fundamental to the functioning of our world. When they combine, acids and bases produce salts. Students explore the chemistry of acids and bases and focus on the pH scale, an ingenious measurement of the amount of acidity and basicity of compounds. The program concludes by illustrating how the level of acids and bases contribute to processes as varied as acid rain and the functioning of the cells in our bodies.