Fearless Planet: Hawaii DVD

Discovery Education

SKU: DC022919
Format: DVD
Grade Level:
Runtime: 50
Copyright: 2007

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Marc Record

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How does a mountain shape the perfect surfing wave? What creates a paradise — yet also destroys it? And how could an island wipe out a metropolis an ocean away? To get at the truth behind these questions, Will Gadd takes to the air in his paraglider for a unique perspective on paradise. But climbing a 40-foot waterfall, diving in a mysterious undersea tunnel and mountain biking through 10 of the world's 13 climate zones on one mountain isn't enough. With the help of geologist Lloyd French, Gadd is able to discover the astonishing natural forces at work just below the surface. Using the skills of super-surfer Kaleo Amadeo, Gadd finds out what processes turned this tiny patch of real estate into the greatest surfing paradise on earth. Diving beneath the waters of the Pacific, Gadd discovers how the islands are formed. In an epic sea kayaking adventure, Gadd uncovers new evidence showing the processes that created one of the islands. This leads to a compelling insight into the death of the islands and the very real dangers this could hold for cities as far away as Los Angeles.