Food Basics 5-Pack DVD

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Includes: Shopping Smarts: The art of shopping wisely can be one of the most powerful things we can learn. How do you plan what you need to buy at the supermarket? How can you get the most value for your money? We'll see families making food budgets, planning meals, and making shopping lists before they head to the store. At the grocery store, they'll compare prices, look for the freshest and least expensive fruits and vegetables, and select the right meat and fish for their family, At Home in the Kitchen: The most important part of preparing healthy meals is being comfortable in your own kitchen. This video is a primer on basic kitchen equipment and how to use it. We'll answer the questions many cooks-in-training have: What's the difference between a baking and a roasting pan? How can I make stir-fry if I don't have a wok? How do I measure ingredients accurately? The video will include a demonstration of a one-pan meal, Recipes Made Easy: Recipes can be intimidating, but as we'll learn in this segment, they don't have to be. Our families will show how they learned the differences between slice and dice, mix and blend, bake and broil. The video focuses on the fact you don't need to be a TV show chef to make delicious, nutritious meals. A dish prepared at the end of the video will include many of the foods we've seen chopped and peeled earlier, Food Safety: Everyone loves a cookout, but lookout! Cookouts and picnics can also be prime breeding grounds for harmful bacteria that can make people sick. The video will demonstrate a variety of safe food-handling techniques including avoiding cross-contamination, properly washing fruits and vegetables, cooking all meats thoroughly, and keeping items properly chilled. The techniques will prove to be beneficial whether you're cooking indoors or out, and Family Fun: Learn how to get the whole family involved in meal preparation and do so in ways that are fun instead of frustrating. From young children helping to stir ingredients to letting teenagers take control of the kitchen for an evening, the video shows that the benefits of cooking together as a family go far beyond nutrition. One of our families will divide up the meal preparation duties then bring it all together for a satisfying sit-down supper.