Forces and Gravity CD-ROM

Discovery Education

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Format: CD-ROM
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Copyright: 2004

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This interactive CD-ROM takes your class on Video Adventures that introduce students to forces and gravity. Discover Newton's laws that have helped us fly, travel to the Moon, and explore outer space. Perform lab experiments to see the effects of gravity. Create multimedia presentations. Research a profile of Newton or Einstein. Includes a Teacher's Guide. Simulations include Projectile Motion, Tectonic Forces, Flight, and Scientific Inquiry.

Each v2.0 CD-ROM features

  • Science Simulations: NEW! Now your students can perform hundreds of simulated lab experiments in a virtual lab.
  • Discovery Channel Theater: Five fast-paced fact-filled video voyages in both English and Spanish.
  • Library: Updated World Book Encyclopedia features extensive reference and research materials.
  • Laboratory: New Assessment Component! Interactive activities focus on building critical learning skills.
  • Multimedia Studio: Creative tool complete with slides, text and cool sound effects allows students to create their own multimedia presentation. Updated with Lesson Launchers and #151;ready-made slide shows to start teaching your next science topic.